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Day 10 – Living in the Present

Day 10 – Living in the Present

Three things living in the Present give me:

A break from the cycle of worry and fear

Access to the Divine within me

Focus on today’s issues

I am not strong enough to constantly take on all yesterday’s sorrows and tomorrow’s fears. Just not strong enough for all that.

But I can do today. I can do today all day and maybe even all day tomorrow too, once tomorrow comes. I can do it because just for today I can do the things, all the things that are due today and end today and do not cycle into tomorrow once I realize they are out of my grasp and are not my immediate concern.

This gives me peace and lets me feel close to the eternal, once I realize that the eternal is not mine to bear. It gives me peace and I can pay attention to the small things, the bits and pieces of my life that lie about me. Today is my gift to myself. Tomorrow is for another.

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