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Day 11 – Family, not Family

Three things a family of the heart provides me:

Empathy, not judgment

Unconditional love


Most of us have family. Some don’t. Some won’t and some can’t and some just never did.

But when we allow others into our hearts, we allow them to become the family we may not have known and in return we get so much. It’s the choosing, I think, that let’s us do that. Choosing to be open to another and receiving their openness in return.

No family obligations here. It’s their choice to be loved and to love in return, or not.

We choose to belong one to another when we choose to become family of the heart. Our ties are not written in blood and obligation, but in the simple joy of belonging to something that we created, just us, out of nothing.

We are the magicians of the moment, we are.

Published in January


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