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Day 13 – Divinity

Three benefits to approaching Divinity:

To live life more fully

To find the serenity, courage and wisdom within me

To walk alone and yet not alone

I approach divinity in many ways, almost as many ways as divinity approaches me. This isn’t something that came naturally, at least not from my side. I had to learn it.

In the morning, with coffee, I meditate. Or not. Sometimes i can’t.  I have a book of readings, i can dip into, runes to throw, writing in a daily journal.  These all bring me closer to divinity. They all enrich my life.

And when I walk outside, walk in the great good out of doors, I approach divinity. The wind that stirs my hair brings me more than a gentle touch, it brings me a sense of myself in the greater ecosphere. As I watch birds fly overhead I can place them in their seasonal wanderings.

I can walk alone, but I am never alone now. I am held in the arms of divinity. I am part of the greater than. I am whole. I approach divinity or divinity approaches me, the distinction has become vague.

I am.

Published in January


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