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Day 15 – Feel Not the Future

Three bad outcomes of Worry over Future Events:

I lose the ability to live in the Present

I lose focus needed for day to day life

I grieve, perhaps needlessly, but certainly endlessly

I am no Time Lord. I cannot exist simultaneously in multiple times. I can only exist in the present. So when I try to do otherwise, it just doesn’t work.

In the present I can use the tools and strengths I have gained over the years to deal with the day’s events.  I can meditate, take a walk in the woods, turn my face to the sun and lose myself in this good day.

Those tools aren’t available to me in the future, when I consider future outcomes and worry at them. They’re not available to me in the past,  either. I can only apply myself and truly and honestly confront today’s worries.

I can leave tomorrow where it is, unrealized. I can lose the ego that insists that I can foretell the future and thus control it. I can be me, myself and I, in the now. Together we can handle today. Tomorrow will handle itself.

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