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Day 19 – Let Go of Condemnation

Three advantages to not condemning myself for just one day:

Appreciation of what I have

Rational self-examination

Awareness that it is the journey that is important

I am my harshest critic. I judge myself, mark my flaws, point out my weaknesses. It is a circle of self-condemnation. One circuit strengthens the central tendency. Another tightens the noose. A third establishes the orbit, and enhances my negativity.

I have only one way out. I can sit down and write out what I am grateful for.  I can list all the good in my life and why it is good. I can write and write until I break the cycle and begin to think again, not just react.

And, thinking, I can rationally examine my critique and realize the distortions there. No one is that bad. All of us share both strengths and weaknesses. We includes I.

Once more I am back on my path. I can see ahead and behind and navigate the day without falling into the whirlpool. I can take the day one step at a time. I can walk the line.

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