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Day 2 – Desire and Affection

Three things our desires do:

They lead us to expect affection from those who may not be able to give it

They lead us to look for affection in undiscovered country

They lead us, at last, to find the affection that already exists at hand, waiting for us to see it.

I wonder sometimes if desire isn’t just another form of expectation. Only it’s an expectation that follows an old well-worn trail, a pathway built into my neural cortex, leading to an expected reward… and when I don’t get my reward, I look elsewhere.

Undiscovered country is full of potential. Surely I’ll find what I’m looking for there? But that’s expectation, forecasting what may be. Maybe that’s not the best place to look.

I bet if I just look around me, that I may find affection. If I try, that is, and if I set aside expectation, if I just live in the moment… I might just find what I need.

Published in January


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