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Day 20 – Anonymity

Three benefits to being anonymous:

Safety, which allows me to dare

Freedom from labels, which allows me to achieve

Freedom to be myself, which allows me to change myself

We are often told to be ourselves. Where being ourselves means standing out, placing ourselves into the limelight in one form or another, as though that were the only way to live. And we have done so, and have been chided or attacked for it, and have retreated again into our shells, to safety. And we have felt guilty for doing so,

Yet, it is from our safe havens that we can venture forth, that we can dare to be more than we are. And in doing so free ourselves from doing as others say and adopting their labels as our own. We can go forth as I do here and place my most inner self onto these pages and express myself in these words which do not wear another’s fancy clothes; these my simple cotton words that clothe me in my own garb.

And so from a retreat into safety I can re-enter the world as myself and do what I will and what I choose. Finally, I can be my own simple home-spun self, having changed from wearing what you would have me wear to what I have stitched for myself, as I cut and tack and sew my way into change.

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