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Day 21 – Needs of the Body

Three things listening to the messages of my body will give me:

Care for myself

Detachment from others’ needs

Greater health to help myself and others

During the first days of the pandemic, I listened to fear and often felt the hollow-gutted need to isolate and stay away and out of sight. Later, I carefully kept my distance, for me, to meet my own needs. And that was good because although I had only feared, I now also felt for myself and cared for myself.

By isolating I was able to be safe, but I also gained that necessary distance from the noise of all those OTHERS that let me hear myself.

And now, having kept myself safe when I needed to, I can begin again to attend to others, but in a healthy way that does not set aside all that I am, that does not starve my own self into silence ā€“ mistaking sacrifice for service.

This time apart has brought me closer to you all. Love in the time of coronavirus, that’s what my body needed. I can hear it now.

Published in January


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