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Day 23 – Become the Will of the Divine

Three steps to true change:

Accepting that we cannot control another’s disease

Accepting that a relationship with the Divine can ease my path

Accepting that my Will, expressed through becoming Divine, is how I now live my life

The most difficult day of my life was when I held my crying child in my arms and realized that there was absolutely nothing I could do for him that would change his slow, tortuous dance towards death. That even comforting him was not enough to make any real difference, and that always being there also meant always suffering with him.

I was told, of course, by the well-meaning to give up and give to god, that hateful god that they mistake for a loving father. And as I could not ever ally myself with that pathology I felt that I could not then gain the relief that divinity could provide.

Until I learned that their divine being was not all there was. Until I approached the true divinity that lies within us all and in this great good world that we live in. Until I accepted that relationship with the divine.

And having used my will to do so, and having seen myself as part of all that is and is good, I changed. I became divine and live in the greater world that I found thereby. I became true to myself and changed what I could change, and accepted what I could not.

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