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Day 26 – A Year Path

Three things 12 steps, taken one after the other, can do for me:

Provide a path for me to develop just for me

Provide a never-ending path to self-discovery

Provide serenity, joy, and love

There are many 12-step paths now, for any branch or any twig of the great tree of human life. And they are named and trademarked and owned and all that makes them not mine.

But if I realize that these 12 simple steps can be made my own, that I can place my own character into them and not accept anothers’, then, then I can walk my own path along the tree-trails of interlaced boughs and colored leaves.

And I can explore and find myself in the process and enjoy others for whom they are. I can sit and listen to the wind sighing through the branches and lose myself in the greater world. I can hear what I could not hear before, love, that’s all, I can hear the love.

Published in January


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