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Day 27 – Fighting on All Fronts

Three benefits of not fighting all the battles at once:

The chance to actually win one

The chance to avoid defeat in detail on all fronts

The chance to see each battle in perspective, as part of a larger path to victory

We were told that we only had one chance. That this battle that we entered was all battles and that all we had to do was to win it all. And faced with that great responsibility and being only human we failed. We were defeated in detail, on every front.

We could have just engaged one battle at a time and although war is always chancy, the chances to win were better, just one battle at a time.

Had we done so, we could have seen what worked and what didn’t and we would have survived to tell the tale and to tell others. And they could have won their battles as well.

Together, one small battle at a time, we could have turned defeat into survival and then into success, finally reaching victory.

One step at at time, not all at once, is how we keep going.

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