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Day 28 – The Never Ending Path

Three ways that walking the spiritual path keeps me going:

I understand that it is the journey that is important

I continue to learn and grow

I continue to find joy in others

I do not do religion nowadays. There is no place for it when I walk a spiritual path. Religion is, after all, the politics of spirituality and it is not the politics that is important.

Why? Why isn’t religion important?

Spirituality is learning to be oneself, not someone else. There can be no politics without focusing entirely on what others think and do and say, without becoming them by becoming entirely Not THEM. There is no spirituality with others too much in the way. It’s that simple. Religion gets in the way.

So it isn’t an end goal of reaching some celestial heaven that keeps me going. It isn’t anything other than the never-ending journey, the step by simple step into the unknown that lets me hear others without engaging them and hear myself becoming part of Other, and feeling the joy thereby.

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