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Day 4 – Look to Others

Three things looking to others gives us:

The tools they use that are effective

The means to use the tools effectively

The Serenity we search for

When we were lost in that storm-wracked sea we helped create, we could not see a way out. We tried to row with what we had, but just turned in circles. We lost strength of will to use what we had. We were lost in despair.

But attending meetings of like people changed that. While none of us had all the tools that worked, we each had some. And by speaking up, we shared with one another our fears and hopes and experiences.  We taught each other new ways just by speaking.  And by hearing them speak we learned from others even more, and we learned to listen, to really listen and not just hear.

Eventually our new tools and renewed purpose led us out of the storm into safer harbor. We began to remember what it was like to be still,  to be still and safe and quiet. We remembered serenity.

Published in January


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