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Day 7 – A Quiet Half Hour

Three things a daily quiet half hour brings to me:

Toleration of myself

Openness to divinity

Access to answers

Not all quiet times look the same. Mine, right now, includes a newswoman posing on TV with frantic intensity.  I sit at the table, and once again a cat shares my space. Water drips in the kitchen, and the heater hums. Somewhere else, traffic roars. Other than quiet, is everywhere.

Yet this is a quiet time. I have an inner stillness to hold to. From this place all the distractions drift by. I notice them, accept that they exist, and go back to my place, my center.

I earned that place. I tried meditation off and on for months until finally I could try every day. Eventually I noticed that the trying gave me peace, let me sleep, gave me a place to not be. It wasn’t what I expected, but it worked.

And like any form of real divination, it stilled me so that I might find the Goddess within me, and the God. Sometimes they had  something to say. Sometimes I listened. Sometimes I noticed them, accepted that they existed, and went back to my place, my center.

The cat is helping me type. She wants me to notice her. I accept her divinity, and go back to my center.

She scratches me. I have my answer.

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