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The following Triads are my interpretations of daily readings in Courage to Change: One Day at a Time in Al-Anon II. Courage to Change is a book of daily readings for the spouses, family and friends of alcoholics. As such it fully partakes of the Alcoholics Anonymous culture and frequently references the challenges that the alcoholic, their family and their friends endure.

There’s a lot of wisdom in Courage to Change, and much of it applies to struggles other than addiction by itself that the recovering addict and those around him face. However, it is also heavily steeped in Christian culture. Many of us have had to deal with the toxic elements of Christianity and a book like Courage to Change is often just one additional hurdle for us Pagans to deal with. And, sometimes, that’s just one hurdle too many and we don’t look for the help, companionship an wisdom that is out there.

It can be too much to approach Christians and their lack of understanding. They generally have no idea of how much damage their culture has done, or don’t believe that it even can be anything other than “good”. Unfortunately, many of us learned otherwise.

If we truly love the addict, we find help anyway, even if it means engaging with a Christian-oriented group. I did it. It was difficult, but it was doable.

However, there are pagan-friendly resources available to us. Other pagan authors such as Deirdre Hebert (The Pagan in Recovery) have written Pagan-friendly approaches based upon the 12-Steps, and more palatable to the modern pagan community. Look hard enough and you’ll find more Pagan resources as well.

None of this is easy. I don’t like having to constantly have to deal with the Christianity embedded in AA, but I do so to support my sons, and I do so to support myself. You can do so as well.

Wisdom is where we find it. Look for yours.

Meical abAwen


The Pagan in Recovery – Deirdre Hebert

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